destination wedding planning tips

Destination Wedding Planning Tips For You

Destination Wedding Planning Tips


Are you considering a destination wedding? We are here to share what we learned from wedding planners from around the world to help you come up with a few ideas to make planning a little easier.

The first thing is research. Every country has different legal requirements. Some have a grace period; you have to be in the country for a couple days before you can actually legally get married. Some have different types of people that can legally marry you. Some do allow civil ceremonies. It’s very, very important that you find out what each country’s legalities are, and then you follow suit.

In terms of wedding size, the ideal size for a destination wedding is what you feel comfortable with. How much time do you want to spend with everyone? Personally, for a destination, because remember everyone has to get there and get back, I’d say around 100 people is appropriate.

The interesting thing about destination weddings is clients often think it’s going to be the budget option, when actually it’s just the converse. While food and beverage and certain things may be less expensive in the destination they’ve chosen, by the time you figure out bringing in china, glass, silverware, floral, it’s gonna be much more expensive than doing it in a hotel ballroom.

Nalani ProductionsThen comes the entertainment aspect of the wedding. Finding the right wedding entertainment for your destination wedding can be tough. There is a wide array of options you can choose from such as live dance performances, live music and even live entertainers. If you are having a Hawaiian destination wedding we personally recommend Nalani at Nalani Productions for authentic Hawaiian entertainment. Everything from Hula dance to fire breathing performances. They are friendly, affordable and flexible when it comes to scheduling. You won’t be disappointed in booking with them.

You’ve heard it from the best. Hopefully, you got a few great destination wedding planning tips that you can use to plan your dream day.

packing tips for travel

Travel Packing Tips For Nomads

Travel Packing Tips And Tricks


Finally your vacation is here, but the thought of packing all this into this is freaking you out. Stress-free travel starts with smart packing. So listen up as we give you some special travel packing tips and tricks.

And while you probably already know that rolling your clothes saves space, take this trick to a new level with this FOLD and roll technique. Simply

travel packing tipsfold your clothes and roll them into a cylindrical shape. The key is to create even layers and maximize every inch.


Got Bulk? No Problem!

Start with the bulkiest items. Stuff shoes with small items like resealable plastic bags filled with socks and underwear. Then, place individual shoes along the edges of the case. Belts can also be laid along the edge. Fill in gaps with the smallest rolls of clothing- things like t-shirts and camisoles. Larger items like jeans, jackets and dresses should then be laid in flat layers, and packed in an overlapping layer formation. If there are gaps around the edges, take these flat-laying clothes and tuck them into the sides. A bonus tip for blazers and other lined clothing is to pack them inside out, to help avoid wrinkles. You’re doing great so far with light, space-saving packing, so don’t get weighed down by toiletries and other extras! Save empty travel-size bottles to refill and use on trips over and over again. This saves space and time, and is good for the environment.


Prevent Products From Leaking

To avoid leaks and spills in your suitcase, place a square of plastic wrap over the bottles before closing the cap. Empty prescription bottles are also great for things like cotton swabs. An old contact case can be put to great use, from storing small supplies of foundation and other makeup, to little

suitcase wet

Nobody likes a wet suitcase

necessities, like safety pins. Keep delicate jewelry secure and tangle-free by laying them out onto a sheet of press n seal plastic wrap. Place another sheet on top, then seal, roll, and pack away somewhere safe. A great tip for keeping earrings together is to secure them through the holes of a button. This way, they can be tossed into your cosmetic bag and still be super easy to find!


┬áLet’s Get Digital

Finally, ditch the heavy stacks of books and magazines and go digital! Loading titles onto your tablet or smart phone will save paper, money, and most importantly, your shoulders! If all these great tips still haven’t lightened your load, remember — you can always sneak the heavy stuff into your travel partner’s bag!


Thanks for reading! For more tips, be sure to check us out frequently as we will be pushing out more content in the coming days. Do you have any other great travel packing tips? Let us know in the comments below.